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college to do: [Oct. 12th, 2011 | 10:08 pm]
be on deans list
meatless mondays
learn painter song by norah jones
practice piano more
take sculpture class
eat tri tip sandwich from firestone
cerro singers
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THANK YOU [Sep. 26th, 2011 | 03:26 pm]

music major's bible... haha
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nice [Jun. 30th, 2011 | 08:34 pm]
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philosopher's project [Apr. 5th, 2011 | 09:25 pm]
apr 5 2011
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crazy ass dream! [Jan. 14th, 2011 | 09:36 am]
I don't want to forget it!

So, the beginning is blurry, but I do know Clara Shuler and some other girls and I were in Africa. While we were there, the guys from the musical were getting kidnapped by some horrible people and we were in charge of transporting them so they don't get kidnapped. It's a bit blurry here, but I do know we were all waiting for the guys to come back so we knew they we safe. When Sean McIntyre came back I was especially psyched because he is my dance partner for the polka.
We get back to America and Clara and I go to my house to just hang out. Dan Wiseman and Jacob Parker drive us home from the airport. i invited them in but they wanted to sit in the car outside our house and play rock paper scissors. We went in and then suddenly the back of our house was San Francisco and I had to ride a trolley to get somewhere. it was very steep and scary and I freaked out but I finally got where I wanted to go which was our kitchen, where Jonah was painting boxes of markers to give to people as gifts. But the kitchen was more like AVAC. So I took some markersand Rain Zhou was there and we went to the bathroom to paint. But then Josh Vasquez comes in and said he fell into the toilet and he needed to take a shower. So we took him to our 8th grade girls locker room to shower.
Later, when my house was my house again, I was in my room on my bed just chilling. The sunset was really bright so I tried to get a better look at it. It was bright orange. It was super distracting and wouldn't really go away so I went into our dining room to hang out with the dog that my mom got while I was in Africa. She was HUGE which is exactly the kind of dog I like. I offered to take her for a walk but my mom requested that I take out the recycling first. While I was doing that, I noticed that Dan and Jacob were still out front playing rock paper scissors. I asked if they wanted to come on the walk with me and Clara and the dog. They said yes. but the dog didn't come.
So we're walking up Harwood Hill when at the very top we see a fire. And we're like "what the hell?" so we go up to check it out. And what's happening is Lucius Malfoy is setting a patch of grass on fire and Harry is all AGUAMENTI! and it goes away. And they just keep doing this. And then I realize that's why the sunset was so bright. So we all tackle Malfoy and let Harry take care of him. Then we go home for popsicles.
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Haikus! [Jan. 10th, 2011 | 09:43 pm]
I decided to write a haiku every day. i wrote one for 1/8/11 too but I forgot it :(

Supporting a friend:
Her piano recital.
Moonlight Sonata.

El subjuntivo,
Check test on Heart of Darkness,
finals tomorrow.

Two finals today.
Much easier than I thought.
Hope I got an A.

Singing songs such as
"One more angel in heaven"
Dancing like a dork.

2 on physics test.
Shouldn't have taken Physics.
fiftty five percent.
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My calendar [Dec. 23rd, 2010 | 09:03 pm]

* Friday, February 11
* Saturday, February 12
* Saturday, February 19
* Sunday, February 20
Requirements: One selection, classical in style, in a foreign language (Italian, French, German or Spanish)
A second selection either classical, folk or musical theater in style.
A short sight-reading and tonal memory examination
Accompaniment: Not provided Memorized: yes
Other: Can send DVD, deadline 2/4/11

Cal State Fullerton

February 26 & 27, 2011 (register by Feb 23)
For March 19 & 20, 2011 (register by March 16)
Requirements:  Two contrasting selections, one of which must be classical in style; the other may be classical, folk song or from the musical theater repertoire.
At least one of your selections should be in English. You are encouraged to offer the other piece in Italian, Spanish, French, or German.
Accompaniment: provided Memorized: yes

February 5, 2011
and March 5, 2011
Requirements: Same as Fullerton
Accompaniment: Not stated Memorized: yes

Sonoma State
Any time after being granted admission to university
Requirements: All auditions, live or recorded, shall include two pieces in contrasting styles that can be performed within the 10-minute limit that demonstrate accurate rhythms, pitch control and interpretive awareness. 
Accompaniment: is not necessary.  Memorized: not stated
Other: Music Ed students shall write a one-paragraph statement on why they wish to teach.



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death and music [Dec. 9th, 2010 | 06:46 pm]
My first experience with death, that is to say, the death of a loved one that I can remember, was when I was thirteen years old. My cat Mirassou was seventeen years old, frail, and ill. My mother said she would die soon and it would be kinder to put her out of her misery by having her put to sleep the next day. I stayed up the whole night with her. She could barely move, even to eat or use her litter box. The next morning when I attempted to bathe her (because she had no energy, she ended up urinating on herself) she didn't put up a fight, so I knew it was time.
I wrapped her in a towel and held her on my lap all the way to the animal hospital at Bascom and Hamilton. A few minutes later, Doctor Owen injected her with pentobarbital and she died in my arms. The doctor assured me that she was in no pain and my mother assured me her body would be sent to the pet cemetery in Hawaii. I wasn't sure if I believed her.
I was completely torn up over the loss of Mirassou. My mom saw this and tried to help. She bought me an acoustic guitar that same day so I could write songs about the loss of my cat. Since Mirassou died, I have had three more cats and written songs about each of them with that same guitar. They each like to sit with me on my bed while I play gentle calming rhythms and think about the ones I love.
My next experience with death was this past summer, when I was seventeen years old myself. My father's cousin died of lung cancer, so my father and stepmother drove down to LA for the funeral.
Mitchell was my dad's uncle's son. He was only 51 years old when he died. He attended Ithaca College in New York and then moved to Los Angeles where he opened a clothing shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk. He loved to eat and recommend food to his friends, he loved to play music, and most of all, he loved his wife and son. He also loved to smoke, which lead to many hospital visits and eventually he was diagnosed with lung cancer.
The service was unconventional, and lovely. Instead of a sad and solemn service, many of Mitchell's friends and family members came up and talked about the good times they had with him while he was alive, and the Irish folk band that he played with while he was alive played fun songs in between. At the end of the service, they played a rough recording of a song that Mitchell wrote when he first found out that he would die, which I assume was recorded in the hospital. On the drive home, staring silently out the backseat window somewhere between San Luis Obispo and Gilroy, I realized that I want to be a music teacher.
The link in my life between music and death is almost haunting. But coping with death helps me realize who I am, and music helps me cope with death and it helps me be the person I am.
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holy crap... [Nov. 12th, 2010 | 08:41 am]
I can't even fathom how she does this!
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DRIVING LOG [Jul. 14th, 2010 | 05:48 pm]
7/6/10 2 hrs Driving Lesson
7/6/10 1 hr Mom
7/7/10 1 hr Dad
7/8/10 15 min Virginia
7/9/10 15 min Virginia
7/9/10 30 min Bob
7/10/10 30 min Dad
7/11/10 30 min Dad
7/13/10 30 min Dad
7/14/10 1 hr Dad
7/20/10 1 hr Mom
7/21/10 15 min Virginia
7/21/10 15 min Dad
7/24/10 1 hr Dad
7/28/10 1 hr Dad
7/30/10 1 hr Dad
7/31/10 1 hr Mom
8/8/10 30 min Dad
8/9/10 30 min Dad
8/10-11/10 30 min Dad
TOTAL: 14.5 hr
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